Some  tour proposals and tips

This is an invitation to a quality Journey to appreciate  local traditions,environment,culture combined with great walks...UNPLUGGED .

 The following are  some day- tour examples, which can be tailored to guests

needs.Here you'll find some classic tours in Tuscany  and others....away from the madding crow.

  • Andrea Bocelli's oper -air concert at Lajatico on August 3rd ,2018 tour (also my native village )
  • About the Etruscans: guided tours experience in Tuscany,Umbria and Lazio Regions
  • Walking tours of different grades levels and lenghts.
  • Carrara marble caves experience...guided tour.
  • Walking and hiking tours in Tuscany and Italy; 
  • the 9 seats van is fully licenced and accessible for disabled.
  • Authorised City Guide for Florence, Pisa, Lucca and Siena;museums  guided tours  and museums booking entrances.
  • Regional food & wine culture; which local food and wine complement each other..what I call walk'n'wine tours; the Chianti area with its Classic CHianti, The Val D'Orcia with it's Brunello and Nobile, the Etruscan Coast,Bolgheri with the Sassicaia and much more....just to name the world wine famous....
  • Historic and Environmental walks
  • A journey across the via Francigena, a medieval pilgrimage path from central Europe used  to reach Rome or Jerusalem; we can organise one or more walking days along these beautiful paths from Piedmont Region, continue to Liguria, acrossing  Tuscany till Rome.
  • Accessible tours for disabled with an accessible van in accessible sites, museums, wine tasting in the countryside,restaurants and hotels; I'll send you details and programs under request.

A map of Italy with its 20 Regions.