The Wonders of Sardinia Island 2020 New Tour
Guided Walking Tour in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

2020 Tour dates:

May 04/11

September 14/21

October 05/12

This tour is guided by myself, Marzia and Maria,  great local official Environmental/Nature Sardinian Guide.

Walking in Sardinia is a discovery of some of Europe’s most pristine scenery—where breathtaking coasts give way to untouched inland mountains. In addition to the fashionable beach resorts of coastal Sardinia, there are sweeping capes where limestone cliffs plunge into clear aquamarine waters. On this tour, you walk atop protected headlands through sea air scented with wild thyme and  secular juniper, and then move to Sardinia’s interior of windswept ridges watched over by endangered raptors, such as golden eagles and Eleonora’s falcon.
Sardinia’s hearty mountain and sea-faring culture has remained intact over the centuries, preserving rural customs and authentic cuisine,Archaeological treasures are a common thread throughout the island’s diverse terrain, as you are guided past enigmatic stone huts and Bronze Age sites
Sardinia’s hearty mountain and sea-faring culture has remained intact over the centuries, preserving rural customs and authentic cuisine, which you enjoy at working family farms.

about the tour:

Walks: we ‘ll walk every day of the tour; average miles 3/6 level: easy to moderate.  Two hikes will be moderate to challenging.

We are able to provide alternative walkseasy to moderate level at some parts of the tour.

Private tours available under request following guest interests.

We can help/ suggest a professional local travel agent based in Tuscany who can really provide great flights solutions to and from USA and other parts of the world.

Because of our 9 seats fully equipped and licensed minivan available, transfers to different Italian sites can be organized with us at any time.

Personal Insurance included in the tour price; insurance cover injures during the tour time.

This is a synopsis  of the tour;the complete  and detailed program will be given under request.

Day One:
Cagliari: we start our tour from the capital town of Sardinia, melting pot of different civilisations, a fascinating town.move to the western side of the Island.  Afternoon and evening in Cabras with an opening tour walk to an archaelogical site ( Xi to IX c.B.C. ). Night at Cabras.

Day Two:
 Protected area of the Phenician town of Tharros. We’ll walk around the promontory along the cristal clear sea , stopping for lunch at the site entrance. After lunch  guided tour of the archaelogic area and town.
We leave by minivan towards the oriental side of the Island ,Cala Gonone.  . Evening at cala Gonone staying at our new hotel for three nights .

Day Three:
This morning we’ll walk up  the mountain to a shepherd’s dairy ;we’ll eat here their specialties ; we continue to hike down hill to reach one of the most famous Sardinian beaches and by.private boat back to our hotel.

Day Four:
In the morning we’ll walk to the pier and take for  a three hours boat ride, where we’ll visit some caves.Lunch at cala Gonone , in the early afternoon, we’ll walk across the town to reach a coastal walk with mixed rocks origin both vulcanic and metamorphic...with the emerald/ blue sea water.. A guided visit to the local farm and winery “Atha Ruja” will complete our day .
Day Five:
We’ll drive to the chalky mountains of Supramonte, canyons and calcareous hills; across the “Orientale Sarda” , with a walk  among chalky mountains where we can see monumental mediterranean oak trees. After that we’ll move towards the “Costa Smeralda” ( Emerald coast). Afternoon at La Maddalena Island at the new hotel where we’ll stay for two nights.

Day Six:
This morning we’ll start with the Emerald Coast islands boat ride. Half day along the protected Archipelago full of small  nature treasures. Most of this area is forbidden to tourists without a Nature Guide.
Afternoon walk along la Maddalena and relax to enjoy the typical shops and product of the Island.

Day Seven:
This morning  for our last walk together will be at Caprera Island; during this easy to moderate  walk we’ll visit the  General Giuseppe Garibaldi house-Museum, and admire the view of the many archipelago islands.
After Lunch we lead to Olbia town and airport where our tour end .

I'll be able to give you  details  via mail , if interested, including the travel agency based in Italy if you want to know  about flights and more.

The tour includes:
All meals  including wine,except night five
7 nights hotel-including pre tour night at Cagliari
Transportation during the tour till airport on the last day/ boat ride
Tips for restaurants-entrances—snacks and drinks
Injury/Insurance– Official guides- ( Marzia-Maria-Luca)
The tour doesn’t include: flights to Sardinia. Tips for driver/ guides
Free time drinks