A short Marzia's Biography

A certified Environmental Guide and passionate naturalist Marzia Borghi was born in Pisa and grew up on her grandparents’ farm near the historic town of Volterra.

After studying linguistics and history at the University of Pisa, Marzia spent years teaching Italian at a prestigious College near London before returning to Italy, where she lived for a time in Florence working as a certified city guide. In addition to being a walking guide  and a National Park Guide of the seven Tuscan islands, Marzia has worked as a researcher for the European Union.

....and Maria's biography:

I'm born and grew up in Sardegna, living and loving among its environment, the Mediterranean Sea among Cala Gonone Cliffs and the Supramonte calcareous mountains.

I wanted to go deep about nature, therefore i got a Master Degree in Marine Enviromnent Science at Pisa University, then I became an Official Nature Guide and, while working at the Tuscan Islands National Park, I met Marzia.

My main passion is going deep...into the water looking for underwater life.

This is an invitation to a quality Journey to appreciate  local traditions, environment, culture combined with great walks...UNPLUGGED.

References and Thoughts